Aqua Value - Career

People play the most important role at Aqua Value.

Aqua Value offers stimulating and rewarding career options in marketing; sales; customer service; telemarketing; production; microbiology and R & D. Aqua Value has a noble mission of providing safe drinking water to people either directly or indirectly, thereby contributing in a significant way to the health and hygiene of the community.
What does Aqua Value look for in people? The most important traits that Aqua Value looks for in the people they hire are the very core values that the company stands for. Respect for individuals; honesty and integrity; hard work and a quest for self improvement. What matters is whether the individual's core values are in sync with Aqua Value's core values. Besides the core values that cannot be compromised, a candidate aspiring to work with Aqua Value requires a burning desire to achieve, and a result oriented and positive attitude to life.


The work culture at Aqua value is professional, yet warm and friendly

So if you are looking for an exciting and mission oriented career, Aqua value is the right place to be in..

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