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Intelligent Sensor device to scare away Rats and mice from your car....
Typical Installation of Ratocop
Ratocop is an intelligent electronic device to scare away rats and mice from Cars and avoid them from chewing car wires and damaging other parts of the car engine.

comes to you with a completely new and innovative way of installation. It enables the user to install the device without tampering or altering any of the original wires etc. This device will be automatically “ON”, When the ignition is switched “OFF” and the device will be “OFF” when ignition is switched “ON”. The entire installation is done by connecting only two wires to the car battery.
To ensure better results Ratocop is enhanced with Visual distraction technique using superflux Light emitting modules.
  Technical specifications :  
Power Supply : 12 V DC
Idle power consumption : 0.3 watt
Active power consumption : 5 watt
Weight : 400gms.
  M.R.P. : Rs. 6600/-    ( Installation included )  
  Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.  
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